The Favorite session – these meetings are typically for owners who prefer the customized one-on-one style of interaction. The owners may have participated in teleconference or group consultations but may  have specific issues not completely addressed in the group setting. The topics are very specific  to the individual needs but many times mirror topics covered in the group consultation. This very popular style of session is normally a six month minimum relationship and many times extending much longer.


The Five Key Questions

1. What keeps you up at night?

2. If you had the time, what would you change about your business?

3. Looking ahead five years, what will your business look like?

4. Do you have a successor to your business?

5. When you retire or sell the business, what’s next in life?

We start with the five keys questions and get your answers. If you don’t know the answers or are unsure we discover your hopes and dreams through interaction and empowering questions. We work it until we get it right.

How it Works

  • Agenda – Any meeting is best served with an agenda; one that is focused on what you want to talk about. It can be Open covering items of concern today or what happened last week but it also contains Structure with specifics like business growth, changing target markets, employee motivation techniques, tools & resources. Every owner is unique and the agenda must be developed around your needs and want.
  • Plan of Action – We talk about the issues but then develop the strategies to address them. This vital step, execution, separates the winners from the losers. We get specific taking the idea to practice, the change to implementation and communicating the change in policy
  • Accountability –   I’m your taskmaster but I support you all along the way.


  • Two monthly 1.5 hour meetings
  • 6 month minimum commitment
  • $595 per month investment
  • Free inclusions – Unlimited emails; Mini Phone Consults(10 minute max); Referral resources; Blog Tips; Articles of Interest