Making the small business owner and entrepreneur’s path to success quicker, easier and more fulfilling.

Barkett Consulting is the brain child of Bob Barkett, a successful CPA and business owner. Barkett Consulting is dedicated to helping the entrepreneur and small business owner become more profitable while maintaining a healthy balance with their personal lives. Business owners and partners today have more pressure to perform than ever before and Bob’s approach helps reduce anxiety from the equation. Bob provides expert advice, experience and a history of helping business owners succeed that comes from operating his own successful CPA firm for over 25 years.

Following a tried and true pathway to success is much more fun than trying to figure it out as you go.

“Along the way, I watched many colleagues fall into the same traps and go down the wrong paths and be backward in their marketing approach. People often get conditioned to the learned “rules and regulations” and it prevents them from taking the leap forward needed to build a better business than their competitor’s. Breaking down barriers of traditional thinking is exactly what is needed for today’s entrepreneur to be successful – and these same adventuresome people are also the ones that need the financial planning and strategy guidance the most. ”  – Bob Barkett

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Barkett Consulting works with the foundational issues of the business venture and provides action steps, accountability and targets to help them reach their dreams.

  • Employee relations, motivation and assessing strengths and weaknesses.
  • Business confidence: Utilize Bob’s experience, guidance and reassurance when overwhelmed.
  • Using Financial statements: Head off potential problems before they occur. Improve overhead expenses.
  • Assessing target market – Maybe the market is changing and your services need some retrofitting.
  • Fresh marketing strategies – Be creative but always be consistent.
  • Succession Planning: Prepare employees to assume more responsibility as you prepare your successful exit strategy.


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