Leader in the Spotlight

A famous former Cleveland Browns coach, Sam Rutigliano, once contrasted his experience going from assistant coach to head coach. He said that after the game, as an assistant coach, you talked with the players, put on your jacket and drove home. When he became head coach, the end of the game seemed like the start of the day. You were interviewed by the press, heard the reports of the coaches and started to plan for the next game. Many times you had dinner with the owner who wanted to know in detail why we lost the game.

Similar to the head coach, the business owner is always in the spotlight. Because of your respected position, your statement, your quote or opinion will speak to how you feel about your employees.  The casual comment or off the cuff remark will carry as much importance as a formal change in policy.  So try to enjoy your moments in the spotlight but remember you are always on stage.

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