Small Business Owner – Ideal Day at Work

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An ideal day at work starts with a to-do list We try to structure our days with “to-do” lists and priorities but if we had our choice what would an ideal day look like?  Picture yourself arriving at work with no appointments or meetings, an open calendar and a clean desk. What’s the first thing you would […]

Captain America: Cleveland hero or villain?

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Captain America: Cleveland hero or villain?

The filming of Captain America in downtown Cleveland has generated a lot of negative press lately (is there really any other kind?). Many local business owners have paid the price for the movies takeover of several of our streets throughout the shooting – limiting access to their services during their peak hours. The latest, Cuyahoga […]

Entrepreneurs – Thinking Outside the Box

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Thinking outside the box Sounds challenging doesn’t it? Sounds like maybe our tool box is empty and we don’t have the ready answers.  Well, I submit that the entrepreneur makes most decisions by thinking outside the box. That’s the fun of it and that’s what makes us special. Satisfaction comes from finding a way when […]

Saving for the Unusual

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We hear often that a financially responsible person saves for retirement, college and “a rainy day fund” and maybe for a vacation, the next car or the major home improvement. But how about three special areas that don’t always appear on our radar screen: Second Career Hobby Philantrophy (Charity) All three have their special meaning to each of us but […]

Planning for Uncertainty

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Keeping your job may sometimes be out of your control, but you may be able to better control your finances with some cautionary moves: Getting a home loan, refinancing or applying for a better line of credit is best done while you have a job. So, do your loan search and lock in your borrowing […]

Unemployment applications hit 4-month high

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Six years into The Great Recession and we’re still trying to get Americans back to work. Weekly applications for unemployment increased by 28,000 to (a seasonally adjusted) 385,000, the Labor Department said Thursday. It was the third straight weekly increase and the highest level since late November. Our government relies on perception (manipulation) to influence […]