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Bob Barkett, ConsultingBob Barkett started his career with prestigious Price Waterhouse. He went on to start his own successful accounting firm in 1975 and for 25+ years  he serviced  small corporations and individuals with their financial planning, tax planning and business development objectives.

In 2003 Bob merged and later sold his firm to Skoda Minotti  where he now is Partner Emeritus. Bob’s greatest joy in his career came from helping others find success in their small businesses and he now does that directly through Barkett Consulting.

Barkett Consulting provides the entrepreneur and small business owner with knowledge, experience and expert advice that comes from 25+ years experience running a successful accounting firm.


Applying financial strategies to make small companies stronger

Throughout his CPA career, Bob’s specialty was helping clients creatively solve their financial challenges and emerge from them as stronger organizations or individuals. Today, he uses this insight to help the modern leader navigate a challenging economy that is redefining business strategies and earning expectations. Now more than ever, Bob’s tailored counsel helps today’s business owners define what success  means specifically to them.

“What I learned over the years is that even in times when business dries up and you wonder how you’ll stay on top, that it can just as quickly come back if you have the right attitude. But, it also takes patience and the willingness to make difficult choices like postponing growth strategies or belt tightening when times are tough.”

Business mentoring requires the right experience and the right credentials

I am finding that the same dynamics and strategies associated in the accounting field also flow into helping people deal with their business challenges and career goals.”

“Building a business is really in my blood,” commented Bob. “I grew up watching my dad in his business and learning how to balance time, money and family responsibilities. From working with my clients in many different industries, I tapped into key business strategies, which developed my sense of what it takes to have a business run smoothly.”

Bob’s philosophy for success centers on putting yourself in the other person’s shoes.  “I always had a discipline to listen to others and learn the nuances of motivating people and nurturing their talents to help them build accomplishments for themselves and the companies they owned,” said Bob.

Bob Barkett is a member of the American Institute of CPAs, the Ohio Society of CPAs, Certified Energy Leadership Coach, and a graduate  in accounting from John Carroll University. Bob and his wife, Susan live in Solon, Ohio and have two children and two adorable grandchildren. His “balanced” life includes helping others as a Habitat for Humanity Board Memeber, a Community Mastergardener and taking in 18 holes every now and then.