E-Mails – Your TIME is Precious

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Let’s face it ! We all have trouble minimizing our time on the Internet. The scenario normally is – We check our email first thing in the morning to be certain that our appointments haven’t been cancelled or that any new, critical emails may need our immediate attention. As we check for the important emails, the problem […]

CALENDAR – Let it work for you!

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Today, most laptops and desk-tops have a calendar function; the portable I-Phones and I-Pads have a calendar feature. For most of us the calendar is primarily our appointment/meeting record.  I submit, however, the calendar can be your time management tool helping you manage the before and after meeting time and even fast forward the completion […]

Entrepreneurs – You are not alone

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So, why did we decide to start our own business? Maybe it was the desire to be our own boss; maybe the economy left us no choice; or maybe it was to fulfill a dream. Whatever our reason, most of us experience some events that were not part of the original plan. If you find […]

CPA Firms – Four ideas for a successful retreat

When I compare notes with CPAs at seminars and conventions some common themes seem to always come up such as, “I’m working too much”, “The staff should do more”, “There are too many rule changes”, and “It’s difficult to grow and keep my client base”. So, if your firm is having a retreat or planning a […]

Four guides for the entrepreneur decision maker

One of the most dynamic news broadcasters, Mike Wallace, concluded his long career with the Sunday TV program “Sixty-Minutes.” Before leaving this world in 2012, Mike left us with four suggestions to guide our many decisions in business and life. I would like to share those suggestions with the many small business owners who make […]

Small Business Owner – Ideal Day at Work

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An ideal day at work starts with a to-do list We try to structure our days with “to-do” lists and priorities but if we had our choice what would an ideal day look like?  Picture yourself arriving at work with no appointments or meetings, an open calendar and a clean desk. What’s the first thing you would […]